Monday, 23 December 2013

The Beginning

I guess in someway I should explain things - although bear with me if this does occasionally sound like the ravings of a mad man - I'm not entirely new to exploring and will try and talk about my most recent experiences, but things took a drastic turn of the better when at the start of the year 2013.

During my studies at the University of Pretoria I joined the dance club for some extra activities, since kinda doing nothing is somewhat depressing, as if you lack purpose and having purpose changes the way to world looks. Every time after dance class when I head to my car, I would look over the a group a rock climbers scaling the wall on the sports campus. I always wanted to try that but never had the time - at least that what I kept telling myself - So one day I just walked over stood there and looked at everyone climbing. 

As I was standing there a guy walked over asked if I wanted to climb, I just responded with "Uhmm ye OK", before I knew it was strapped in and told to go ahead and climb. Looked simple enough just go straight up, after climbing three routes my forearms were so pumps I couldn't grip the steering wheel on my junker, but I had a rush it felt good, it felt exhilarating, I joined the club called the MCSA(Mountain Club South Africa - Maggalies Section). I thought that was it to climbing, just climb these training walls, well no turns out they're called training walls for a reason.

Soon before I knew it I was going places I've never heard of climbing stuff, every weekend was a different adventure, and not all of it climbing, climbing was just a reason to go. Later I heard most people in the club also go scuba diving, so guess what 2014 im going to get my PADI and start diving as well. But beyond the adventuring was the friends that I made a bunch of the foreigners with a thick accent.

And today I was suppose to be in Swaziland, but things don't always go according to plan and you know what thats ok, there will be other opportunities. So with that said this blog will feature a lot of climbing but I wont limit it to that. 

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